Saturday, June 4, 2011

Seder Dinner on Palm Sunday

Every year our Life Group does a Seder dinner or Passover dinner. Our first to participate in was when I was pregnant with Kellyn and soooooo sick which is not good with all the bitter herbs you have to eat. That was back in April of 2006! None of us have ever taken pictures at the dinner so I thought I would now that I am blogging.
Drew usually leads our Seders, but his year John volunteered to do it.

 The table, the kosher wine, parsley, horseradish, Kharoset, Matzoh and kosher candles.

There are a lot of rules for food in the Passover dinner or Seder which is The Feast of Unleven Bread. The main one is no leven hence the Matzoh. And everything is symbolic.

Drew dipping the bitter herb in the tears. (parsley in salt water)

Jaimie found the Afikomen this year. I have never ever found it.

The lamb John cooked and carved was delicious.

Matzoh balls, Macaroons, and Matzoh covered in chocolate and nuts!

Our Life Group, minus 2 couples.
That baby Sulayne is holding actually belongs to the couple on the end, Erica and Shawn.

Passover is always such a fun time, of food, fellowship, tradition, rememberence and worship.


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