Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Garage Sale

It was time for the annual Whittle lifegroup fundraiser (which allows us to pay baby sitters!!) The Stubing's hosted it at their house this year. We got lucky with it being the same weekend as the Castle Hills community garage sale. 

We started promptly at 7am for set-up and the people started showing up at about 8am.

Max and Jen Rosene were the official cashiers for the event.

Here is a menu of items, can't beat our prices!


More examples of why we are so busy.

All the family members are participating

The items were neatly placed on tables and bins thanks to Mandy's organization.

A look at the toy table.

The children's clothes are always a hit.

This year we went with charcoal cooked hot dogs

Erin schooled the men in charcoal grilling.

The kids in the Stubing's backyard having a ball!

Even though there were many other garage sales this day, we had more than 1 person say we were the best one because of our prices and food!  Great job to everyone who put in a helping hand.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Seder Dinner 2012

Again we held our Seder Dinner on Palm Sunday. I won't go into as much details and symbolism about it since I already did that on last year's post about Seder. All of our lives are so stinkin' busy this time of year, really any time of year, but we try so hard to never miss a Seder. I think it is so important and so special in our faith to participate in this sacred Passover dinner even if we aren't Jewish. And once again we had fun doing it.

I wanted to take a picture of the Kosher wine we all liked the best so we could remember it for next year. 
Alan (the newbie) found the Afikomen this year!

It was held and The Brown's house and they also lead it. Here, Jamie, is the woman/mother lighting the first candle. 

Drew and Mandy reading the script.

Max pouring us more wine. We have learned over the years to pour a small amount since you have drink a glass over and over again. 

George (the leader) pouring the first glass of wine. 

Jenni doing the ritual of the washing of the hands. 

George going to hide the Matzoh a 2nd time which Alan found again!

The breaking of the Matzoh,            Parsley dipped in salt water (Karpas), drops of wine, bitter herb (horseradish), Kharoset (apples and raisins).

Max played the role of the child and opened the door to let Elijah enter. 

Lamb, fruit, asparagus, motzoh balls, Passover Rocky Road Mazoh for dessert. Each year our food has gotten better and better. We have got this Kosher thing down now. 

Eating dinner.
berry, mint granita.

The Criers, The Browns, The Engmans, The Whittles, and The Dixons. 

Next Year in the New Jerusalem!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Whittle's Wine Tasting

The Whittle's went on the weekend getaway that we gave them for Christmas. They went to a bed and breakfast in College Station and visited Messinahof Winery. So this weekend they offered a fun wine tasting night at their house. 
We all brought a bottle and tried some of theirs. 

Everyone brought food. I made grilled pizza and Jamie made a delicious spinach, artichoke dip, the Schillers brought strawberry shortcake. 

Drew lead us in learning the techniques of fine wine tasting. 

The ever so classy decanter.

Chocolate truffles are a must at any sophisticated wine tasting. 

The Schillers brought the most delicious Strawberry dessert Wine.

It was a very fun night of DANCING!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Watching Party 2012

Our annual Super Bowl party is always at the Whittle's house. But this is not an official Life Group function. The Super Bowl party is a time to chillax and kick back. New friends and old friends come to hang out and we throughly enjoy ourselves. 

Jen Rosene made these delicious oreo truffels 

We had so much food! But the fondu was the biggest hit!
We did not have sitters at this event like we usually do at official Life Group meetings so the kids were on their own to roam free and wild. 

 Rats and kids make the party complete. 

Serious men watching the game.

Their silly wives talking and giggling. 

We picked Super Bowl squares blind. Then Drew and Grayson drew the numbers. 

Girls texting each other while sitting right next to each other. 

The boys hangin' out. 

The baby girls.
 I love how all the ladies in this picture are not even looking at the game. 

The big girls put on a play upstairs and at half time made us all come up to watch it. 

There is something so odd about a 50 year old cheerleader, but Madona rocked it.

Everyone stops what they are doing to watch the half-time show. We just genuinely enjoy each other's company and spending down time together. 

The final results of the squares game.

Another fun night had by all even it was unofficial. :)