Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Garage Sale

It was time for the annual Whittle lifegroup fundraiser (which allows us to pay baby sitters!!) The Stubing's hosted it at their house this year. We got lucky with it being the same weekend as the Castle Hills community garage sale. 

We started promptly at 7am for set-up and the people started showing up at about 8am.

Max and Jen Rosene were the official cashiers for the event.

Here is a menu of items, can't beat our prices!


More examples of why we are so busy.

All the family members are participating

The items were neatly placed on tables and bins thanks to Mandy's organization.

A look at the toy table.

The children's clothes are always a hit.

This year we went with charcoal cooked hot dogs

Erin schooled the men in charcoal grilling.

The kids in the Stubing's backyard having a ball!

Even though there were many other garage sales this day, we had more than 1 person say we were the best one because of our prices and food!  Great job to everyone who put in a helping hand.

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