Tuesday, June 7, 2011

At the Pool

Our fearless life group leaders live in Castle Hills and every year, the first week of June, they invite us to their community pool, which if you have never been there is not like other community pools. It is awesome!! 

Jenni played nanny to baby Hannah so her mommy, Erica, could swim with big brother, Jason.
Jennifer holding her big girls while Lindsey swims with them. Her 3rd girl is less than 2 months old. She got to stay home with Daddy and out of the heat. 

Kellyn and Rhett in the Mommy and Me floaty.

Reagan and Kellyn in the baby floaty. Silly girls!

Angelica and Makena.

The boys in the group.

The older girls

Our sweet girls.
Isn't this just the picture of summer.

What a fun day. Both of my kids crashed hard for naps as soon as we got home. Sun and swim knocks them out every time. 

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